Most Recent Developments in Yeast Infection Products

Technology has affected every aspect of medicine from the way diseases are treated to the diagnosis process. Even medicine that basically remains the static method of treatment for a condition changes and advances with time. This is true for the methods in which yeast infections are identified, prevented and treated.

Vagisil Feminine Wash pH Balance

Vagisil’s latest product is a body washed called Vagisil’s Feminine Wash pH Balance. This creation helps support a healthy pH balance, which can prevent yeast infections—both occasional and reoccurring. In addition to the product’s effect of a woman’s pH balance, the wash also contains LactoPrebiotic. LactoPrebiotic is a registered trademark of Combe Incorporated, the company who manufactures all Vagisil products. This particular ingredient promotes the growth of healthy vaginal bacteria that helps protect women against many different types of infections, including yeast infections.

Candida Diet

Although throughout the years various diet plans have been suggested to assist in the reduction of yeast infections, the foods you can and cannot eat have changed tremendously. At one point in time, this holistic approach to treating yeast infections deemed it necessary to cut out other forms of fungus in a person’s diet. By today’s standards, foods with fungus are not forbidden as part of the diet plan; however, there are restrictions regarding them. While truffles are not allowed, mushrooms, such as Reishi and Maitake, which possess the medicinal benefit of boosting one’s immune system, are allowed. When a person starts on the diet, he or she must undergo three different stages: cleansing, strict food restrictions and reintroducing foods. Besides the process and the strict food guidelines, there are foods that are allowed, and in fact, these foods are recommended. An example is yogurt, because of its prebiotics that promote the growth of “good” bacteria. These healthy bacteria help to restore balance in a person’s system, and they help to fight against the overgrowth of the fungus, yeast. Other foods that should comprise the patient’s diet are foods high in antioxidants like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, garlic and rosemary.

Vagisil Screening Test

The Vagisil Screening Kit for Vaginal Infections may not treat the overgrowth of yeast, but it does play an important role, because it detects the overgrowth of yeast, so a patient may self-diagnose and start treatment sooner. It also benefits those who may have an infection that is more serious to avoid self-diagnosing incorrectly and treating a sexually transmitted disease in the same manner they would treat a fungal infection. When a person uses this test, it evaluates her vaginal pH level. This determines whether the itching, burning or unusual discharge is sign of a yeast infection or something more serious, since a fungal infection does not increase a woman’s pH level the way trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis does. The test requires the woman to insert the pH-testing wand into the vagina against the vaginal walls for five seconds. From this sample, the test can aid in diagnosing, so a woman knows if she should seek the expertise of a medical professional or treat for a yeast infection.

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